Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Unlearning Violence at Glide Memorial Church

Danny Olmstead is the former VP of General Operations for WDO, Inc., located in Tracy, California. An accomplished investor and successful businessman, Danny Olmstead volunteers at Glide Memorial Church in his free time.

A popular house of worship located in San Francisco, California, Glide Memorial Church prides itself on its principles of inclusivity and service to others. Among Glide Memorial Church’s numerous outreach programs is its “Men Unlearning Violence” initiative, which assists men who have acknowledged their own destructive behavior.

Designed and run by men, Men Unlearning Violence focuses on “unlearning” violence and encouraging positive relationships. In the class, which meets twice a week, the participants develop ways to rid their households of physical violence, emotional manipulation, stonewalling, and harmful internalized beliefs. The program also touches on violence in the workplace and teaches participants to “live beyond survival” and have hope for the future.